I live in Manukau City, South of Auckland; New Zealand. We have the densest pacific island population of any country in the world. The given is that meeting other like minded queers like yourself is easy, since geographically we’re all in the same city. You would think it were that simple. The Polynesian Princes of south Auckland are as closeted as the gays in the NRL. They have refined their visibility to a passing fragrance of I WANNA FUCK YOU BUT I”M WITH HER. The problem with this metaphor is that it reeks of homos in south Auckland but these men have succeeded in making themselves invisible.

So therein lays the problem of trying to engage and understand a type of man that exists only in theory. I imagine this type of man as wanting to express his sexual fluidity and attraction to the same sex however being stunted by his contradicting physicality, one of which is typically hetronormative and in gender specific terms what is appropriate for him to conform to i.e. “I am built in the manner of a man that is only biologically compatible with a significant other of the opposite sex”. This belief system is made a mantra that affirms a masculine stereotype and a gender ideal that is perpetuated, driven and motivated both sociologically and politically by a western heterosexual statuesque and moral majority.

The art works posted on this blog are inspired by this idea. This is JERRY THE FA’AFAFINE he is pleased to have finally found you and met you...


These are portraits sketched from photographs submitted by Polly boys on BEBO.. JERRY GETS AROUND!!

The image just below this text is an illustration of a photograph that appeared in the "TAGGED JERRY" section of this blog. I was contacted by a friend of the person in the image, they asked me to remove the photograph as the context of this blog misrepresents their friend as a gay male or as the intro to this blog previously compared the Jerrys in the world of men to "One of those faggots from American Samoa".

He didn't like the idea of being thought of as a faggot!! SOME CHANGES WERE MADE.

I removed the original photograph one that I had sourced from the public domain of the internet, more specifically BEBO. But I can't seem to let it go. Clearly there are some issues around intellectual copyright in terms of claiming ownership of an image authored by someone else but as none of these images appeared on the net with copyright protection I had such a hard time justifying to my own creative process why I should have to care.

However, good practice I.E. one that considers the polite engagements of its audience surely should be able to make room for peoples responses. This is after all the nature of having something exist in a public space. Even if it is online. Although the image below is inspired by the photograph I was asked to remove I feel confident in posting it back on the blog as now I am the original "Author" of this image. I just liked the photograph so much, I couldn't help but want to keep drawing him again & again.

Finally if you have a picture of yourself send it through. I'd like to draw you. The other images have been consensually appropriated into JERRYS and were submitted by sexy boys from BEBO.

Heart you BEBO BOYS...


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