I live in Manukau City, South of Auckland; New Zealand. We have the densest pacific island population of any country in the world. The given is that meeting other like minded queers like yourself is easy, since geographically we’re all in the same city. You would think it were that simple. The Polynesian Princes of south Auckland are as closeted as the gays in the NRL. They have refined their visibility to a passing fragrance of I WANNA FUCK YOU BUT I”M WITH HER. The problem with this metaphor is that it reeks of homos in south Auckland but these men have succeeded in making themselves invisible.

So therein lays the problem of trying to engage and understand a type of man that exists only in theory. I imagine this type of man as wanting to express his sexual fluidity and attraction to the same sex however being stunted by his contradicting physicality, one of which is typically hetronormative and in gender specific terms what is appropriate for him to conform to i.e. “I am built in the manner of a man that is only biologically compatible with a significant other of the opposite sex”. This belief system is made a mantra that affirms a masculine stereotype and a gender ideal that is perpetuated, driven and motivated both sociologically and politically by a western heterosexual statuesque and moral majority.

The art works posted on this blog are inspired by this idea. This is JERRY THE FA’AFAFINE he is pleased to have finally found you and met you...


HOUSEBOY and LIFE OF A FAF are looking to create and self publish a book that documents the everyday lives of POLLY FAFS living in NZ. I figured a good test would be to make a ZINE, and so here is our first born... Life Of A FAF Zine 2012


  1. im an aspiring young filmaker (18) and want to one day make a film about faf culture and where in society they fit in. just wondering if u can give me an insight into a gay mans life within ur tradiional community and how u balance it. i want to start writing ideas down but need more insight. im a gay poly but brought up away from all that cultural stuff. can u help me :) ...

    1. Hey mate... I'm glad to hear of your aspirations. I cant wait to turn JERRY into a film... infact I'm just counting down the days till it happens. My suggestion, amerce your self into the culture... it is the best way to gain insight. I also have my disconnect with Samoan Traditions so I guess its easier to critique when your not bound by obligation and when representation demands that you take a few risks to ultimately at some form of truth.

      If you're in auckland NZ, then flick me an email. i'd be happy to have a conversation over a coffee. otherwise skype is an option. Its important to make the connections and put effort into sustaining relationships with peeps from the same communities sharing similar points of interest,

      Peace... TG

  2. I like the idea! The book is terrific thought and goal: in the meantime, I'll enjoy the 'zine! Love your blog, my blogger brother!

    1. hey mate, thanks for the comment. I really enjoy your feedback. would be great to send you out a copy of the zine, if not then a link to a digital copy once i have one online. also just in response to your interview i'd love to do one.

      x jerry