I live in Manukau City, South of Auckland; New Zealand. We have the densest pacific island population of any country in the world. The given is that meeting other like minded queers like yourself is easy, since geographically we’re all in the same city. You would think it were that simple. The Polynesian Princes of south Auckland are as closeted as the gays in the NRL. They have refined their visibility to a passing fragrance of I WANNA FUCK YOU BUT I”M WITH HER. The problem with this metaphor is that it reeks of homos in south Auckland but these men have succeeded in making themselves invisible.

So therein lays the problem of trying to engage and understand a type of man that exists only in theory. I imagine this type of man as wanting to express his sexual fluidity and attraction to the same sex however being stunted by his contradicting physicality, one of which is typically hetronormative and in gender specific terms what is appropriate for him to conform to i.e. “I am built in the manner of a man that is only biologically compatible with a significant other of the opposite sex”. This belief system is made a mantra that affirms a masculine stereotype and a gender ideal that is perpetuated, driven and motivated both sociologically and politically by a western heterosexual statuesque and moral majority.

The art works posted on this blog are inspired by this idea. This is JERRY THE FA’AFAFINE he is pleased to have finally found you and met you...


I first came across Pope Bron$ via a phone call from a friend who was in wellington reading an article in the 'SUNDAY' pull-out of the weekend herald. Titled 'Rap's Last Taboo' it was a story about a GAY RAPPER from South Auckland. The article read like an expose on the novelty of Gay notoriety within the genre of GANGSTA RAP. It broke down hiphop to its audience as a generally homophobic industry and anchored the meat of its story around the shock value of a boy from OTARA south Auckland, openly gay, out the closet and making music about his Pacific Gay experience.

As a lover of HIPHOP and a Polly Gay, I was taken back by the notion of a gay rapper and kind of relieved that in 2011 there was a kid out there with the balls to speak some truth. This blog has always been about the visibility of the Gay Pacific identity within my own back yard. Of course it seemed to make sense to me to get an interview with POPE BRON$.

We shot this about 2 months ago out in OTARA one afternoon.  Pope Bron$ adresses 'The Gay Scene', Comming Out and his music.. Enjoy the first video created for JERRY THE FAF.


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